Human Design Guide - Surface Level of a Chart

**In this illustrated guide for the Human Design Chart from you have basic info explained. **You can see very well that the red side is called "design" and is related to the body. It is what others see in you and what you are unaware of. It is the tunnels in which magic happens that you can only recognize retrospectively. On the right side we have the personality, all in black. This is related to your mind, but also to your psychology. It is what you think you are. It is what you can consciously identify about yourself.In addition, you can very well recognize which of the astrological symbols is assigned to which planet or celestial aspect. Be aware that the sun and the earth already make up 70% of your being.What we can also see here are the numbers which we call gates or hexgrams. These are fixed potentials, aspects imprinted by the planets at your birth. Behind each gate is a "dot" and behind it another number. The number behind the gates is called a line. There are 6 lines for each gate. Behind the line you can see from time to time a triangle looking up or down or both at the same time. This is an indication of a fixation of the line - because these are also binary. if the triangle looks down, the line is in detriment. if it looks up, it is in exaltation. None of these is better or worse. By the way, a gate can be dormant if it is hanging from an open center, or actively hanging if it is hanging from a defined center.A center is an energy hub that brings context, represents a kind of life dimension, and transmutes the inherent energies. A center can be defined consciously or unconsciously - thus colored. There are completely open centers, without any activation, and there are undefined centers, where at least one activation is present.For there to be a definition, i.e. a minimum of 2 defined centers, a channel must be defined. Please note that a channel has nothing to do with the gates. Here the principle of "the sum is greater than its parts" applies. Of course we have unconscious channels and conscious channels, where life-force is constantly flowing. And we can also recognize open channels, where we are receptive for specific energetics. Open does not mean empty! Open centers receive energy and amplify it. Therefore, we also find the not-self themes mainly in the open centers.Have fun studying your own chart!